HUF Cromer 2

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White - White / VC00079WHT
HUF Cromer 2 White - White / VC00079WHT

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Size US Men

HUF proudly introduces Brad Cromer’s second signature-model, the Cromer 2. A seamless balance of simplicity and functionality, exactly as Brad envisioned, the shoe is reinforced with HUF’s trademark ‘Infinity Rubber’ outsole, ‘Rubber Shield’ barrier, ‘Strut-Soft’ insole, and fourway-stretch mesh tongue stabilizer.

• Brad Cromer signature model
• Low-profile upper
• Infinity Rubber™ vulcanized outsole is grippier and more durable than standard compounds
• Rubber Shield for ollie protection and durability
• Strut Soft insole for shock absorption
• Breathable fourway-stretch mesh tongue foot stabilizer
• Vulcanized
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